Who We Are & What We Do
  • Mission Statement:
  • The primary purpose of this charitable, not for profit organization is to provide HIV/STD and substance abuse prevention, education and advocacy through community efforts.

  • Vision Statement:
  • In achieving this purpose, the organization will include HIV positive and African American community members in decision making, education, advocacy, service delivery, public relations, research and leadership.  The organization will provide community representatives to facilitate workable solutions through community partnerships; develop innovative programs with multiple strategies; and engage in other activities that promote the overall goals of the organization.

  • Therapeutic, Social, Educational & Advocacy Services:
  • The current service provisions of Imani Unidad consist of:

  • - Comprehensive Risk Counseling & Services
  • An intensive individualized client centered prevention program for those who are HIV positive or have substance abuse issues that put them at high risk for HIV infection.  The goals of this program are Primary and secondary prevention behavior changes or modifications that will reduce risk. Our service provisions include social and cultural Factors. This program is funded by the Indiana State Department of Health.

  • - Community Level Intervention
  • Provides education awareness and training for the community as a whole with an emphasis on the African American community. Activities are conducted in churches, recreation centers, homeless centers, 12K/colleges and at major community events.  We are host to a weekly radio program on WUBS 89.7 community channel Wednesdays at 5:30 to 6:30 PM, the radio program runs from February thru November (10 months. )

  • - Ex-offenders Information and Referral Services
  • (EIRS) assist people with criminal records to locate and apply for services that will improve their lives: - Services offered by EIRS are:

    • Referrals to appropriate organizations
    • Assistance with applying for service from various organizations
    • Help with job hunting(making of resumes, practice interviews, on-line applications)
    • Provide emotional support to people

    EIRS helps people apply for college, college financial aid, GED/ high school transcripts, Social Security Disability, unemployment benefits, Assure cell telephones, SNAP (food stamps) and Vocational Rehabilitation.