Debra Stanley

Debra Stanley is the founder and Executive Director of Imani Unidad Inc. Mrs. Stanley is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and day-to-day operations. She directs the development and management of Imani Unidad’s programs as well as serves her community through advocacy, education, and her unwavering commitment to social and behavioral health and justice.


Baye Sylvester

CLEAR Counselor: "Coming in from the cold- With a passion for life and knowing that the struggle for empowerment in self and community demands focus. My position here at Imani Unidad represents a natural progression in my effort to be of service. As the group coordinator for Peer to Peer (P2P), I have the unique pleasure of helping to shape a community asset that I rely upon for my own sustenance. My position isn’t mine I like to say, but rather it is the product of the people entrusted to me while I am here.”


Rose Clark

Rose Clark is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her Masters of Social Work from Indiana University. In addition to providing therapeutic services, Mrs. Clark also supervises the counseling staff and interns here at Imani Unidad. She is also a trainer for the ACE program, a service designed to identify and combat the effects of trauma within the lives of our clients.


Pat Miller

Born and raised in South Bend I have a deep, abiding respect for and commitment to my community. I lost both my older brother and sister to AIDS. I began working in this field as a volunteer covering Intensive Out-Patient groups which eventually led to employment. Through this work I gained a tremendous amount of experience in not only substance abuse, but the correlation to risk behaviors that lead to HIV infection. I eventually found my way to Imani Unidad. I am happy to be a part of their passionate mission of spreading hope through education, power through prevention and liberation through advocacy.

Board Members

President: Latorya Greene, Tobacco Education Coordinator, Saint Joseph Health System

Vice-President: Gerri Griffin, BSN, RN, Executive Director Slice of Life Youth Development Group

Secretary: Ray Davis, Secretary to the Principal Community Member/ Rhythm & Blues Singer

Treasurer: Rasheeda Lewandowski, Process Analyst, Zentis North America Financial

Program Chair: Bill Anderson, Executive Director, It's Possible, Inc.

Health & Welness Chair: Maxie Bolden, Jr., Pharmacist, Beacon Health System

Fundraising Committee Chair: Kirstin Champer, Community Health Worker

Board Member: Darryl Heller, Executive Director, Civil Rights Heritage Center

Board Member: Betty Tacy, Consumer Advocate

Board Member: Pat Miller, CRSC/CLEAR Counselor