Community Based Learning

Currently Imani Unidad works with the University of Notre Dame Center for Social Concerns (CSC) as a Community-Based Learning Coordination site. The CSC understands that the formal education of students who become involved in the local community extends beyond the classroom and that the students encounter people in the community who become their teachers as well as their supervisors. The Community-Based Learning Coordinators (CBLC) who work with the Center for Social Concerns are a great resource to introduce students to some of the finest teachers in South Bend. The CBLCs are available to help students find placements that meet both the needs of the community-based organization and the student. In addition to connecting real life experiences with academic work, they are committed to emphasizing the importance of reflection on service. In addition to working with students, the CBLCs serve as resources to faculty by assisting them in creating course-related community-based learning opportunities. The Community-Based Learning Coordinators are willing and able to find the right placements for students who come to them either individually or as part of a course related assignment.